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Multi Split Systems

Multi Split Systems


The Multi-Split system allows up to six M Series or Mr Slim wall mounted, cassette, ducted, floor or ceiling mounted indoor unit heat pumps of different capacities to be operated from a single outdoor unit. This makes it an economic answer in multi-room applications, whilst also offering space saving benefits.

Ideal for shops and small commercial buildings that require air conditioning in more than one room, the Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Split systems combine flexibility and performance while lowering CO2 emissions and running costs. 

Key Features

  • Up to six indoor units may be connected to a single outdoor unit
  • Energy saving inverter controlled outdoor unit adjusts compressor performance to economically match the demand for heating and cooling Units may be added within the capacity of the system as requirements change
  • Capacities of indoor units may be mixed to suit individual rooms
  • Size 83, 102 and 122 have current limit adjustment for managing energy costs. They also feature a wiring/piping correction function to analyse the system for connection errors via the press of a single button 

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